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Health and Wellness Coach

We have created a safe space for you where you can talk openly about your health concerns. Our Health and Wellness coach helps you set your goals and choose your lifestyle change options, based on what your doctor or nutritionist has prescribed for you. It plays a key role in your wellness journey. By emphasizing your individuality, the coach helps you adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors. You will thus be able to prevent, mitigate or even reduce chronic diseases responsible for more than 63% of deaths.



A true relaxologist, our Health and Wellness coach has solid knowledge in the field of stress management, anxiety, as well as negative emotions. Through a series of tests, he will be able to assess your condition, then improve it through various relaxation techniques. This type of exercise can be part of an individual consultation, or even a group lesson.



NLP, an acronym for neurolinguistic programming, is a pseudo-scientific discipline of alternative medicine. Our NLP coach gives you the benefit of techniques and tools that promote personal development. Through this practice, you increase your chances of achieving your goals by operating for personal and structural changes.



Thanks to sophro-coaching, you will be able to start a powerful process of change. Through the directives of your sophrologist, you will discover and experience your unknown or unused personal resources, in a conscious process. The goal is to improve your health by supporting the small changes that occur in your life.



The coach combines his discipline with reflexology to help you relax physically, relieve your ailments, and strengthen your immune system. It will help you optimize your general state of health, while teaching you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Throughout the Health and Wellness coaching program, you will be maintained by massages. This manual treatment will be offered to you according to your needs and your goals, particularly in terms of weight loss. During the fast, you can for example regularly follow a relaxing and draining massage, associated with the practices of plantar reflexology.