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Language coaching

Would you like to approach learning a foreign language differently in the context of your profession, your studies, or a specific project? Our personalized coaching in foreign languages has been entirely designed for you. We specialize in coaching for learning English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

A program perfectly suited to your needs

Did you experience any obstacle that discouraged you from continuing your foreign language studies at an early stage? Do you have trouble speaking or pronouncing a new language? Do you feel that you are not progressing fast enough, or do you feel unmotivated?

All these brakes can be overcome, or even eliminated, thanks to our coaching techniques. We support you in your learning a foreign language with a view to its active use on a daily basis or in a professional setting. We have defined the program in response to your real needs and objectives, whatever project you are banking on.

We help you overcome the obstacles you face while learning and get rid of certain limiting beliefs. We apply various proven techniques that suit you best, in order to regain your self-confidence.

Simple, but effective language coaching tools

We use several simple and powerful language coaching tools, including images, working documents, role plays… Our goal is to make you aware of the different skills and strengths on which you can rely.

We help you to completely eliminate language blocks by teaching you to step out of your comfort zone. Our coaching style allows you to learn, practice, and play a role through many verbal and non-verbal communication techniques.

Our language coach supports you if you need to :

  • Speak in front of an audience of strangers.
  • Participate in international negotiations.
  • Write letters and e-mails in a foreign language.
  • Make phone calls in English, German, Portuguese, etc..
  • Participate in a job interview for a foreign company.