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Mental Coach

Mental coach

Among our coaching services, we offer tailor-made support to increase your mentality. Whether you are an athlete, a top athlete, a student, or a professional, you can take advantage of our sessions. All people or teams wishing to benefit from mental preparation are therefore invited to follow this program.


Why call on a mental coach?

  • To decrease your stress level
  • To free you from your anxieties
  • To overcome your fears and phobias
  • To improve your self-confidence
  • To overcome your shyness and stage fright
  • To prepare for an anxiety-provoking event
  • To relieve your moral suffering
  • To free yourself from your unwanted habits
  • To manage your post-traumatic stress
  • To improve the quality of your sleep
  • To overcome your addictions
  • To exceed your limits
  • To be more dynamic and motivated

How does mental coaching take place?

Our sessions are based on your goal and your motivation, and this according to your schedule. The duration and frequency of the sessions are determined according to your availability. Practical methods and effective techniques aim to improve your self-confidence, regain motivation, achieve self-transcendence, and acquire more dynamism.

The first phase of mental coaching is to determine your goals. This step is essential to define the time and the steps to be taken in order to reach them. Our sport or business mental coach then sets up the strategy by which you will be able to achieve this. He takes care to check all the obstacles that can prevent you from being successful.

Just like the training plan, you will be offered exercises to help you learn more about how the brain works and how you feel. They will be especially useful for you to work on blockages, and to independently apply the appropriate techniques. Discover through meditation, positive visualization, and other innovative tools, your strength and mental capacities!