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German lesson

As part of our language coaching sessions, we offer you to improve your German proficiency. During the week, at the weekend, during the day, or in the evening, take German classes or intensive online or face-to-face internships. Whatever your goals, status or level, be perfectly comfortable, both orally and in writing. We run interactive sessions and workshops to encourage everyone to speak up on different topics.

German lessons for anyone

Anyone can register and learn this language. We welcome all professionals who need German in their work environment, whether you are business leaders, managers, executives or employees. We also train students, whether you are college, high school or university. We also have formulas intended for adults and non-German speaking individuals and wishing to work in multinationals or countries using German

German lessons at your own pace

The sessions take place at your own pace, the intensity that suits you, and your availability. They can be done online or face to face, depending on your possibilities and your schedule. Our teacher has solid experience and provides you with personalized support. As German is his mother tongue, he is able to create a stimulating environment in which you will feel like you are abroad. This is why our courses are real immersions for the participants.

We offer you a complete program:

• Comprehension

• Writing

• Grammar

• Listen

• Pronunciation

• Accent