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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturay - 9 Am to 7 Pm


French classes

The content of our French classes is perfectly suited to your level and your goals. Qualified and experienced native teachers will accompany you throughout your learning.

Spoken French course

French support courses are aimed in particular at foreigners who want to learn to speak French. We also help those who wish to improve their communication skills and language expression, for professional or tourist purposes. Our language coach adopts a pedagogical approach oriented towards oral practice. Learning vocabulary, pronunciation work, and grammar rules form the basis of our interventions.

Academic support courses

Thanks to this course, your child benefits from personalized help and a general refresher course. Our French private lessons help him according to the difficulties he encounters at school: written expression techniques, sentence structure and syntax, use of verbs, agreement, conjugation… This type of French course is also suitable. systematic preparation for the French Baccalaureate L exam, or DELF, DALF and TCF certifications.

In addition, any apprentice will have access to interactive resources and methodological files. You will be able to prepare effectively for exams, trips or competitions. You will define the days and hours of learning according to your availability.