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Coach of executives and managers

Our Online Business Coaching supports senior executives, leaders and managers within an organization. It helps you in particular in the creation of companies, the conception of a business plan, the choice of the status of company, the development of a commercial and marketing strategy, and the growth of the company. 

We offer leadership coaching to all decision-makers so that they can:

• realize and develop their posture as leaders;

• appreciate their personal resources, and draw on their own talents;

• clearly visualize their objectives, and manage their business nimbly;

• make decisions in a complex environment, and manage conflicts better;

• learn to communicate well, and improve team cohesion;

• acquire the skills necessary for organization and development;

• face burnout and professional pressure;

• increase the productivity of the company and its results;

• anticipate their professional transition or taking up their duties;

• support certain key activities in the face of a company in difficulty ...

How does the coaching of executives and managers take place?

It begins with a diagnostic phase during which you will have to define objectives. This is followed by sessions that take place online or face to face, in groups or individually. They are done according to your availability and your schedule. A review also allows us to know whether the objectives have actually been achieved, or whether it is necessary to proceed with an additional action plan.

There are many methods used for online business coaching for executives and managers. In order to support them in achieving their goals, the business coach uses NLP or neurolinguistic programming. This approach makes it possible to improve communication between individuals through scenarios.

Transactional analysis is also one of them. It contributes to awareness and understanding of the issues present in management, team management and human relations. As for Process Communication Management, this method is useful for analyzing problems in interpersonal relationships.